What we offer

Satellite Internet

For too long our underdeveloped areas have lagged the ability to have internet connectivity.

Satellite technology has matured to a point where reliability, speed and cost-effective internet connectivity is now a click away. Using state of the art satellite equipment, we can provide internet connectivity to places that are not and will not be serviced.

We have packages that will suit every need.

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UI / UX Design and Support

While User Experience is a combination of tasks focused on enhancement of a product for effective use; User Interface Design is its accolade, the look and feel, the presentation and how the user interacts with a product.

Our design division, MediaPoole, has over 20 years experience in website design, website maintenance, consulting, designing and coding of email marketing campaigns.


Integration Services

Imagine not needing integration developers in this highly interconnected world.

Our secure bank-grade software product brings systems together to create business value faster by simplifying and accelerating integration, reducing costs, and getting into production within days.

Complex integrations do not have to take you months to develop.

Agile transformation

Through our partnership with a leading Agile transformation company, using a people-centric approach, we help our clients achieve business value sooner in an environment where people thrive.

Agility hinges on the quality of the interactions between people.

Get in touch with us to see how we can make this your reality!

Website engineering and maintenance

Grounded in the gaming industry, we can confidently say that we understand what grabs and holds the attention of your audience.

We design, develop, and maintain your digital presence in a way that is consistent, aspirational, and relevant, always having your brand in mind.

Let us assist you with your digital presence.

Sales and Marketing Consulting

With expertise grounded in more than 20 years of leading sales and marketing teams, our philosophy of creating sustainable value ensures that we look at the generation and maintenance of income in a holistic manner. Sales is ultimately the outcome of your business system. Using systems-thinking principles, we employ a stakeholder approach to sales, account management and marketing, ultimately developing the brand as nothing sells more than your reputation.

Full-cycle Software Development and IT / DevOps

Software engineering practices have become more complex over time. We specialise in continuous delivery, focusing on creating business value in everything we do.

Through our partnership with a global software consultancy, we have a network of expert engineers, a global footprint, and world-class expertise to ensure that immediate value is created for our clients.

Testing Services

Partnering with a global specialised software testing company, we can help you ‘shift left’ with regards to testing.
It has been proven that the quicker you can resolve issues, the less cost it will incur and the more value you will create.

We focus on your digital enablement by ensuring quality is in-built, delivery is timeous, and costs are minimised.

Resource Augmentation & Recruitment

It’s common knowledge that in business, time is money; and we want to save you both!!

Let us handle your recruitment needs efficiently, by getting you the best talent available, by prioritizing skill-set, diversity and company cultural fit, to ensure your company delivers the best product or service possible. Great people make great products and provide great service.

Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

Mark Twain

Meet the team

An experienced Software Applications & Development Manager and Senior Web Developer, with a passion for User Experience and User Interface design.
My passion is to understand the users, understand the business and its goals, and use that information to create an amazing experience that, most importantly, works and optimizes the customer experience.
Understanding your customers is key to achieving core business goals.

Marvin Poole
- CEO & Executive Director
Samford Solutions.

My mission is to help clients achieve business value faster. I do this by partnering with clients, deeply understanding their landscape so that together we can collaboratively craft solutions.
I provide custom solutions and related professional services across the entire business and software life cycle.
In addition, I can assist clients in transforming business and software development establishments in an agile way through coaching, mentoring and training programmes.

Brian Ford
- Executive Director
Samford Solutions.

I am a dynamic and motivated person who believes that innovation is an exciting and inevitable journey that quenches my desire for a culture of continuous learning and growth.

I enjoy organizing and running activities, also being a decisive administrator.

My life has taught me this, amongst other things:
It’s not about the hand life deals you; it’s about what you do with it....

Natalie Poole
- Senior Administrator
Samford Solutions.

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